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1040 - Tier I

Navigating the intricacies of individual tax filing can be overwhelming, but at FAME Consulting LLC, we've got you covered with our Tier I service. Recognizing that filing your taxes can be a complex task, our Tier I service is specifically designed to prevent common mistakes that often plague taxpayers.

With our Tier I service, you receive comprehensive assistance for one W-2, whether you're filing as a single individual or married filing separately (MFS). We understand the importance of accuracy in tax filings, and our experts are dedicated to ensuring that your return is error-free and optimized for your specific situation.

Beyond the basics, our Tier I service extends to guiding you through the complexities of basic deductions, ensuring that you make the most of available opportunities to reduce your tax liability. Additionally, we include the preparation of your state return if applicable, ensuring a thorough and well-rounded filing process.

For added peace of mind, consider our optional audit protection. This valuable addition provides an extra layer of security, offering protection in the event of an audit. With FAME Consulting, you can be confident that your tax filing is not only accurate but also backed by a team dedicated to your financial well-being.

Let us simplify the tax filing process for you with Tier I. Our commitment is to make the process smooth, efficient, and tailored to your individual needs. Trust FAME Consulting to be your partner in tax preparation, allowing you to navigate the complexities of tax season with confidence. Contact us today and experience the ease and assurance that come with our Tier I service.

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